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Royal Regalia 


The Royal Regalia



Deep in Istana Negara (National Palace) lies some of the nations most precious jewels. The full regalia is worn by the Yang di Pertuan Agong during specific ceremonies: the installation of the Yang Di Pertuan Agong, the King’s birthday, awards presentation ceremonies and the convening of Parliament. Malaysia's rich heritage is reflected in the exquisite craftsmanship of each item.


Some of the Regalia used during the installation ceremony


Tengkolok Diraja (Royal Head Dress)

The cloth of the Tengkolok Diraja, worn by the King, is stitched with gold threads to form intricate patterns called “Dendam Tak Sudah”, which has its origins in Nigeri Sembilan. On the front of the headgear is a crescent and a 14-pointed star in white gold.

Gendik DiRaja (Royal Tiara)

The royal tiara worn by the Queen is made from white gold studded with diamonds. Like the Tengkolok DiRaja, the crescent and star are prominently displayed in front. The tiara was specially designed to be separated to form a locket and a brooch.

Keris Panjang DiRaja 

(Royal Long Kris or Keris of State)

It symbolizes greatness and power. Coated in gold, its cross-piece is stamped with the emblem of the Federal Government. The blade is tempered from the steel of 11 keris from each State. Only the King is allowed to carry it.

Kris Pendek DiRaja (Royal Short Keris)

Carved from ivory, the sheath is adorned with a golden tip and named “Hulu Pekaka”, while the head takes the form of the phoenix. Like the Keris Panjang DiRaja, only the King may carry this.

Cogan Alam dan Cogan Agama 

(Sceptre of the Universe and Sceptre of Religion)

These two ornaments made from silver are symbols of the Malaysian Government. On the top of Cogan Alam is an orb engraved with emblems of the 11 states. Measuring 1.6m in entirety, the handle of the scepter is decorated with six stalks of padi made of gold.

The Cogan Agama measures 1.5m. Its handle and hilt are engraved with Quranic verses. A golden crescent and five pointed star rest regally on the top.

Cokmar (Maces)

The maces are weapons made from silver and measures 81.32cm in length. A dome rests on 

one end.


Pedang Keris Panjang dan Sundang 

(Royal sword, long Keris and sword Keris)

Theses traditional Malay weapons are made from silver with beautiful carvings 

on the sheath.


Payung Ubur-ubur Kuming dan Tombak Berambu 

(Yellow fringed umbrella and tassled lances)

Part of the royal regalia, the Payung Ubur-ubur Kining is made from silk and stands 6m high. The tip of the umbrella is adorned with a crescent and a star.

The spear of the Tombak Berambu is also 6m long. The head of the spears 

is made from traditional spears


Pending di Raja (Royal Waist Buckle)

Made of 24 carat gold decorated with 11 rubies and an embossed crest of the Federal Government at the centre of the ornament



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