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Sarawak's ~ Other Parks 

Niah National Park

Two hundred kilometres up the coast from Kuching, the capital of Sarawak, is Niah National Park, spreading over 3,102 hectares of peat swamp, dipterocarp forests, and gigantic limestone outcrops. Bird life in the park is represented by bulbuls, tailor birds, trogons, crested wood partridges, horn­bills, and eagle owls, Other inhabitants of the park include Raja Brooke butterflies, flying lizards, and long tailed macaques. Gunung Subis, 394 metres above sea level, dominates the landscape.

The famous Niah Caves are located just a 30minute walk away from Park Headquarters. A plank walk snakes through the caves, around fascinating contorted rock formations. They consist of the Traders' Cave, Great Cave, Burned Cave, Moon Cave, Painted Cave and several smaller caverns.

The Great Cave is Borneo's most important archaeological site as in 1958, relics of prehistoric man were discovered such as bones, stone tools, and shell ornaments. You can see evidence of prehistoric inhabitants in the Painted Cave where human figures drawn on the wall watch over grave sites where the dead were laid in boat-shaped coffins.

Humans inhabited Niah Great Cave 40,000 years ago. Today, local Penan tribesmen venture into the cave to collect edible birds nests and the guano dropped by the myriad swiftlets and bats that live there.

After the squishy feel of guano beneath one's shoes and for some fresh air, visitors may like a feel  of the tropical  jungle by following  two trials; namely, Jalan Bukit Kasut and Jalan Madu. The former leads up to the summit of Bukit Kasut (Kasut Hill), offering a view of the forest canopy below. Other forest trails take you up a 400 metre limestone ridge or to an Iban longhouse. A two-hour drive from Miri or Bintulu, the park has a VIP rest house and chalet or hostel accommodation for overnight stays.

Similajau National Park

With long sandy beaches, geological formations and rainforest treks, Similajau, just 20 km northeast of Bintulu offers a host of activities from trekking to bird watching and coastal and river cruises.

Guides will show you where the huge estuarine or salt water crocodiles bask in the sun or where green turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Opened to the public in 1995, the park's wide open spaces are ideal for seeing some of the 185 species of birds that have been recorded there, among them hornbills and sea eagles. There are also 24 species of mammals including wild boars and macaques that can be seen foraging for food along the beaches.  

Tanjung Datu National Park

Mountains sweep down to some of Sarawak's most beautiful beaches in this the smallest of the national parks. The swift flowing mountain streams are clear of the jungle debris that colours most of Sarawak's rivers. As a result, the seas off Tanjung Datu are crystal clear and coral grows close inshore, a rare feature in Sarawak.

This makes it an ideal dive site but scuba divers have yet to explore its full potential. Even if you are not a diver you will appreciate the beautiful beaches and translucent waters with their mountain background.

At the extreme western tip of the State, Tanjung Datu shares a peninsula with Indonesian Borneo - Kalimantan. And the mountains abound with 

interesting plants and animals.




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