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Eurocopter 350BA / Eurocopter 355F1

Robinson R44 / Bell 206L3/L4


Piper 28


Prices quoted per hour in Ringgit Malaysia (RM) and in US Dollars (US$)


 Eurocopter 350BA (Single Engine)

RM 2,650 / USD 727 per hour

Endurance (full tanks) - 3 flight hrs

Capacity - 5 people + Pilot

Air Speed (max) - 150mph


 Eurocopter 355 F1 (Twin Engine)

RM 3,850 / USD 1,048 per hour

Endurance (full tanks) - 3 flight hrs

Capacity - 5 people + Pilot

Air Speed (max) - 150mph


 Robinson R44 (Single Engine)

RM 1,750 / USD 477 per hour

Endurance (full tanks) - 3 flight hrs

Capacity - 3 people + Pilot

Air Speed (max) - 130mph


 Bell 206 L3/L4 Longranger (Single Engine)

RM 2,600 / USD 675 per hour

Endurance (full tanks) - 3 flight hrs

Capacity - 5 people + Pilot

Air Speed (max) - 150mph


 Piper 28 (Single Engine)

RM 800 / USD 217 per hour

Endurance (full tanks) - 3 flight hrs

Capacity - 3 people + Pilot

Air Speed (max) - 110mph



*These rates apply ex-Subang and return between 0900 and 1700 hours.

*Charters for less than one hour will still be charged a min of one hour.

*City Centre Roof Top pick-up/ drop off subject to additional landing fees 

(Twin Engine only)  * Landing, parking, ANFC, passenger tax etc. will be charged actual against paid invoices.  *The flight hour is calculated based on the helicopter engine turned on and to the time the helicopter engine is turned off

*Basic charter for Filming/ Movie / Video shoots is 3 hours per day plus expenses.


Flights are subject to aircraft availability and as such early bookings/ notification of intent (by fax) are encouraged to avoid disappointment. Charterers are to arrange for authorization, permits clearances, etc to land at private / public places other than authorized airfields. We will assist wherever possible. For foreign destinations, diplomatic clearances are required and shall be obtained as an additional 

service to clients.

Charter(s) are always subject to the following:

* Currently operations are restricted to day operations only (i.e. sunrise to sunset).

* Air traffic clearances.  * Weather prevailing.  

* Captain's decision to continue or abort shall at all times be FINAL.  

* Note:  Comprehensive Insurance coverage is provided for all flights.


Aerial Photography Permit

It is the responsibility of the Charterer to obtain the required Aerial Photography permits before Commencement of such flights. We can obtain permits on behalf of the Charterer at a fee of RM500.00 per permit.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES (where applicable)

Overnights Stops

RM250 per crew per night will be levied.  Hotel accommodation, meals and ground transport will be charged as per actual.

Waiting Charges

A waiting charge of RM500 per hour will be levied whilst awaiting on ground between sectors/flights, no show or delayed departures.  These charges are waived if the charter exceeds 4 hours of flight time per day.

Overtime Charges


RM50 per hour or part thereof for every hour the flight is scheduled to take off or land before 0900 hours or after 1700 hours.

Weekends/ Public Holidays

Two (2) hours of overtime at RM150 per hour will be charged for one (1) hour before schedule takeoff time and one (1) hour after the last landing).

Check-In Time

Charterers should check-in at least thirty (30) minutes before scheduled departure time.

Remote Refueling

Fuel is available at strategic locations throughout the country other than airfields.  However due to the cost of positioning and maintaining this facility, one 200-litre drum will be charged at RM400 per drum.


Payment on estimated flying should be made in cash/cheque before flight.  Payments for the flying hours beyond the estimate shall be paid immediately on completion of the flight.  Funds in excess of the estimated hours (i.e. not utilized) shall be refunded to the clients (after appropriate deductions due) on completion of flight.


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