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Langkawi ~ Sights & Visits

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Sightseeing in Langkawi

The east coast is fringed by dense mangrove swamps and limestone hills and

it is worth experiencing a river tour topped off by “feeding the eagles”.

Scores of red eagles swoop down to claim their prize and it is a sight to behold. Canopy trekking which involves abseiling or rappelling and generally hanging from high branches up in the forest canopy is catching on. And in Pulau Payar Marine Park 30km south of Langkawi, you can dive in gin-blue waters, snorkel

and actually feed sharks – well, okay, baby sharks.
Up in the cool highlands of Mt Gunung Raya smack at the centre of Langkawi, hornbills can be occasionally sighted. Another day excursion is to Pulau Dayang Bunting, the Island of the Pregnant Maiden. It is a 15-minute boat trip from Langkawi. The highlight here is a cave haunted by a fearsome banshee, and

Tasik Dayang Bunting, a freshwater lake that apparently bestows the gift of

children to barren women who drink from it.

For the fabulous views, hitch a ride up the 708m Mt Mat Cincang on the

Langkawi Cable Car  from Oriental Village. Or walk up to one of the three

waterfalls – Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells), Air Terjun Temurun, or Durian Falls

(dry season though, there won’t be much water). Budding equestrians and children can trot off horseback through forests and villages.

And golfers can check in at the stunning Datai Bay Golf Club,

Gunung Raya Golf Resort, or the unpretentious home-grown Langkawi Golf Club


Click on the area headings below to view info & Details

Langkawi Sights & Visits

Langkawi South

Dataran Lang (Eagle Square) Lagenda Langkawi Park

• Royal Langkawi Yacht Club • Al Hana Mosque

Langkawi West

• Padang Matsirat • Batik Art Village • Aquabeat Water Theme Park

• Mahsuri Memorial • Burau Bay • Underwater World •

Laman Padi • Tengah & Cenang Beach •

Langkawi North West I

• Summer Place • Oriental Village • Cable Car •

Langkawi North West II

• Gunung Mat Cincang • Gondwana Mountain •

Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells)  Datai Beach

Langkawi North

• Datai Bay Golf Club • Pantai Tengkorak •

•Ibrahim Hussein Art & Cultural Foundation •  Craft Complex •

• Temurun Waterfalls • Langkawi Crocodile Farm • Black Sand Beach •

Langkawi North East

• Tanjung Rhu• Gua Cerita • Air Hangat • Galeria Perdana •

• Kilim Nature Park • Langkawi Bird Paradise

Langkawi Central I

• Durian Perangin Lankawi Crystal Mahsuri Mausoleum

Langkawi Central II

Langkawi Book Village Gunung Raya Gunung Raya Golf Club

• Snake Sanctuary •


Sights & Visit Rating

Depending on the time you would have on your visit and stay in Langkawi.

This rating provides a guide as to what would be a worthwhile visit and what

could be given a miss.


Visit Rating

Don't go out of your way to visit

It's OK - Visit if you got the time

Good & Definitely worth a visit

Very Good & Not to be missed


 This is however is a general opinion and what may be

rated here as a 2 star may be considered a 3 or even a four star to some

and vise versa some may conclude our rating of a 4 star to be that of a 3

or even deserving a 2 star rating.

Ultimately different people have a right to different opinions and conclusions.

Where a local might find it interesting a foreigner would not and what a

foreigner might might interesting a local visitor would not.



Other than sightseeing, there are scenic beaches such as The Datai Bay,

Tanjung Rhu, Pantai Kok and Pantai Cenang; where beach and water sports activities are available for the energetic - a choice of jet skis; para-sailing or

water skiing; organised island hopping and boats for private charter or fishing trips.


Activities I

• Horse Riding • Sailing • Jungle Trekking • Canopy Trekking •

Activities II

• Kilim River & Eagle Feeding •


There is also adventure for people who would like to experience

some brilliant sailing and the flora & fauna of Langkawi’s

out-lying islands, without too much effort, and in exceptional style.

The location is perfection if you are looking to relax or whether you want

to go out and do things.






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