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Negeri Sembilan



The most significant feature of Negeri Sembilan is the influence of the Minangkabaus from Sumatra in Indonesia. This influence is seen in the buffalo-horned shaped roofs of the many buildings and the practice of matrilineal system in many households.


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The Minangkabau People of Sumatra came to settle in Negeri Sembilan in the 15th century. They were under the protection of the Melaka Sultanate until its collapse  in 1511 when the Portuguese arrived. Thereafter they became the vassal of the Johor Sultanate until the 18th century when it had become weak. Attacks by the Bugis forced the Minangkabaus to seek protection from a prince from their homeland. Raja Melewar of Pagar Ruyong.

 The resulted in the proclamation  of Raja Melewar as the first Yang Dipertuan Besar (meaning 'He who is Greatest') of Negeri Sembilan in 1773. Subsequent civil wars among the nine Malay chieftains resulted in the British appointing a British Resident in 1895. Today Negeri Sembilan is still not ruled by a sultan but by the Yang Dipertuan Besar.








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Traditional Negeri Sembilan food is hot and spicy, as one of the ingredients used is the chili padi, the hottest of chillies. Popular dishes include rendang,

(pieces of beef cooked in coconut milk and chillies). 

People & Culture

In the early 15th century , the Minangkabau people from Sumatra came to settle bringing with them their adat perpatih , a maritrilineal system where the wife is the head of the household and inheritance passes from the mother to the daughter. The Minangkabaus are divided into twelve suku or clans, and marriage between between members of the same clan is forbidden. The Minangkabau influence in the state can be found in dances and food as well.


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The capital of Negeri Sembilan, is 64km south from Kuala Lumpur.

Places of Interests

- Lake Gardens - State Mosque -

State Library - State Secretariat Building 

- Cultural Arts Centre - 

History & Culture

State Museum - Kota Lukut - Sri Menanti Palace - Terachi Cultural Museum - Tampin Museum - Kuala Pilah Handicraft Centre - Pengkalan Kempas Historical Complex



- Ulu Bendol Recreational Forest - Talang Dam

- Pasir Panjang Recreational Forests 

- Jeram Toi - Lenggang Recreational Forest - 

Gunung Tampin - Batu Maloi Cave  

- Gallah Forest Reserve -

Jempol Serting Ulu Recreational Forest

Port Dickson

The major attraction in  Negeri Sembilan with it's beautiful and sandy beaches. It is a favourite outing destination for the KL City crowd to get away from the bustle of the city.

Tanjung Tuan (Cape Rachado) - The old lighthouse





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