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Known as ‘The Land Below the Wind’ because geographically, it is below the typhoon belt, Sabah sits at the tip of Borneo. It has one of the world's greatest treasures of wildlife. Mount Kinabalu, South East Asia's highest mountain, is found in Kinabalu Park. Excellent dive sites are available at Sipidan Island and at the Layang-Layang atoll.



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History & People


A brief history of the State - early times to the British North Borneo Co, Japanese invasion to the present.


Population about 2 million, comprising of over 30 different races speaking over 80 local dialects, it offers a diverse and multicultural experience. The three main indigenous groups of Sabah are the Kadazan-Dusun, Murut, 

and Bajau. Handicrafts to look for...

Kota Kinabalu

Places of Interests

The Sunday Gaya Street Fair - Signal Hill - Sabah State Museum - The Science and Technology Centre and Art Gallery - Tanjung Aru Beach - State Mosque - Sabah Foundation Building / Kampung Monsopiad - Central Market  

- Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park  

Sabah - Places

Rafflesia Forest Reserve - is devoted to the world’s biggest flower.

Tambunan Plain - Tambunan -

 Gunung Trus Madi - Mewah Waterfall

- Kota Belud and Tenom -

Tenom Orchid Centre



The town - Longhouses -

 Gongs - Beaches - River Safaris

Danum Valley

One of the premier research centre in South East Asia, it is a meeting place for naturalists from all over the world. A sanctuary to over 110 mammals and home to over 275 bird species and numerous reptiles, amphibians, fishes, countless insects and other fascinating creatures.

Layang-Layang Islands

With a 1,665 to 1,998 metres drop, the island is an exceptional place for the more experienced diver. The waters beneath offer fascinating seascapes and marine life, including several diverse species of coral and reef fish.

Sipadan Island

Sipadan Island

The turtle capital of the world. 

Everything from hammerhead sharks to the smallest and prettiest nudibranch in and around Sipadan's reef.  It is an underwater photographer's paradise


Kinabalu Park

A forest reserve covering 754 sq km of rugged mountains covered with vegetation  ranging from lowland rainforest to temperate montane oaks to alpine conifers. More than 1,200 species of wild orchids and 40 species of oaks can be found. More than 1,200 species of wild orchids and 40 species of oaks can be found in the parkas well as the world's largest flower, the Rafflesia.

Mt Kinabalu

The highest mountain in South East Asia.  

Mt Kinabalu Trail  

A  trek that takes 2 - 3 days to reach the summit

Trail Map

Around Sandakan


Gateway to Borneo’s Wildlife’  .

Sepilok Orang-Utan Santuary 

Here, orang utans that have been abandoned by their mothers, or were formally in captivity, are rehabilitated until they are fit enough to be returned to the wild

Batang Kinabatangan

 Sabah’s longest river, the riverine forest  boasts an astonishing variety of wildlife that is both common and easy to see

Turtle Islands National Park 

Visited by marine turtles which come ashore to lay their eggs, mainly between August and October.

North Borneo Rail

Borneo’s only railway offers the nostalgic romance of traveling on a steam engine - a  90 ton Mid-Century British Vulcan Steam Engine. 

Borneo Rail Trips

  Various Runs are available such as the Papar Run, The Kimanis Run, Bingawan Golf Run , and the Tenom Run.

Pulau Tiga

The island, about 2.8 miles long and 1 mile wide, was the chosen location for the filming of the CBS TV series Survivor. A network of trails, marked at 50 meter intervals leads to various points of interest. The surrounding reefs are shallow with healthy coral.

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