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Sarawak is best known as the land of vastness:  Vast mass of land, vast ethnic diversity and vast natural wonders. With three quarter of its landmass still covered with the world's oldest tropical rainforests and latticed with rivers and tributaries, it is home to weird and fascinating plants and animals: deer the size of cats, big nosed and big bellied Proboscis monkeys, fly eating pitcher plants, the world's largest flower, lizards and squirrels that fly, and many others.



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History & People

Brooke family of White Raja’s

The state's 24 ethnic groups, including lban, Chinese, Malays, Bidayuh and other indigenous groups

Sarawak Cultural Village 

Nicknamed the "Living Museum", it is a display of the daily life, culture and traditions of Sarawak's multi ethnic population.

Kuching I

The river is a focal point of  the town and features a graceful, European style esplanade- the Kuching waterfront -  Astana (The Palace) 

 - Sarawak's Museum - Islamic Museum -

 Cat Museum - Pavilion.

Kuching II

Fort Margherita - Brooke Memorial - The Court House - The Tua Pek Kong Temple - Roung Tower - Square Tower - Chinese Museum.


With some of the most spectacular geography anywhere, the State offers challenges at all levels. 


Apart from Damai Beach, there are other other beautiful beaches.

River Safari

Explore Sarawak's myriad rivers by longboat.

Many rivers in Sarawak are lined with longhouses and rainforest, making a safari down these rivers a unique experience.

Wildlife Sanctuaries

The Matang Wildlife Centre

Allows orang utans and other local fauna to live in their natural surroundings.

Semenggoh Orang Utan Rehabilitation Centre

Orang Utans are trained and conditioned to use their natural instincts to live independently before being released into the jungle

Satang - Talang Island

Between May and October green turtles come ashore to lay their eggs at the Satang Islands

Other Places

Miri / Sibu / Bintulu

National Parks

An overview of the Parks with links 

Bako National Park / Batang Ai National Park / Gunung Mulu / Lambir Hills National Park / Loagan Bunut / Similajau National Park / Gunung Gading National Park / Niah Caves


Features an abundant variety of vegetation, which consists of beach forest and  mangrove swamps. 16 trails, covering 25 kilometres. Tajor Waterfalls. Fine secluded beaches

Mulu National Park

The park has one of the most spectacular cave systems in the world. Three mountains dominate the  park - Gunung Mulu, Gunung Api and Gunung Benarat, the latter still unclimbed. Its 15 different types of forest contains a wealth of wildlife and thousands of species of ferns, fungi, mosses and flowering plants. 

Mulu Caves

Honeycombed by the world's most extensive cave system. So far 310 kilometres of passages have been surveyed and that is only a third of what is believed to exist. The system includes the world's largest natural chamber, Sarawak Chamber, capable of holding London's St. Paul's Cathedral. It is also famous for its million of bats inhabiting its interior. 

Gunung Api

Trek Gunung Api's Peak or to one of the more demanding treks - to the Pinnacles on Gunung Api. Trek is along the Headhunters' Trail, used in bygone days by local tribesmen moving from one river valley to another on headhunting raids.

Batang Ai & Kubah Parks

Batang Ai

Iban longhouses and wild orang utans are among the many attractions on the banks of its 24-square-kilometre lake. 


Just 20 kilometres from the State capital, the park is a favourite destination for local day-trippers. 

Lambir & Loagan Benut Parks


World's most ecologically diverse areas yet  one of the most accessible. Ecologists think there are many plant and insect species in the park waiting to be discovered.

Loagan Benut

State's largest natural lake, but in dry months, usually February and May or June, the lake shrinks to nothing and you can walk on great expanses of dry mud flats. ideal spot for bird watchers

Other Parks


Fascinating contorted rock formations with evidence of prehistoric inhabitants


Park's wide open spaces are ideal for seeing some of the 185 species of birds 

Tanjung Datu

The seas off Tanjung Datu are crystal clear and coral grows close inshore. An ideal dive site but scuba divers have yet to explore its full potential.












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