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It is a state of ageless architectural splendors, island resorts that offer sun, sea and sand, virgin tropical jungles, beautiful holiday hideaways, natural recreation parks and a host of specialised museums. The land of grace, it is divided into 9 districts. Its major towns include Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar, Taiping, Teluk Intan. Sitiawan and Lumut. Kuala Kangsar is the royal town of Perak, while Ipoh is the administrative centre and state capital.  








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Perak was renowned for its rich tin deposits. It is believed that the state derived its name, which means silver in Malay from the silvery tin.

Covering an area of 21,000 sq. km. with population of about 2 million, its major towns include Ipoh, Kuala Kangsar, Taiping, Teluk Intan and Lumut. Kuala Kangsar is the royal town of Perak, while Ipoh is the administrative centre and state capital.


Perak Malaysia Maps


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History & Crafts

Perak - History / Handicrafts 

A place steeped in history, Pasir Salak also 

offers an array of outdoor activities

Pasir Salak Historical Complex  

Ipoh I

Cuisine / Getting There

Places of Interests

Sam Ooh Tong Temple - The Mekprasit Buddist Temple - Perak Tong Temple -

Darul Ridzuan Museum

Ipoh II

Ipoh Railway Station  - FMS Bar & Restaurant

- DR Seenivasagam Park - Kallumalai Arul Migu Subramaniam Temple - Japanese Garden -

Geological Museum of Ipoh  


Moving Around  

Places of Interests

Pangkor Town - Kota Belanda (Dutch Fort) - Batu Bersurat - Kali Amman Temple - 

Beaches of Pangkor

Pantai Puteri Dewi (Golden Sands) - Pasir Bogak - Teluk Nipah - Lin Ye Kong Temple 

- Pangkor Laut

Taiping & Kuala Kangsar

Perak Museum  - Taiping Lake Gardens

Ubudiah Mosque - Perak Royal Museum  

Taiping historical walkabout Tour

Gua Tempurung

Having an intricate system of caves honeycombed inside the limestone hills, these caves are actually a breath taking gallery of stalagmites and stalactites and other amazing rock formations which are superb geological wonders found only in this part of the world.

Places to Visit

Bukit Larut (Maxwell Hill) - Bukit Merah Laketown - Tanjung Rambutan Waterfalls - Tambun Caves - Tambun Village  

- Tambun Hot Springs - River Terrapin Breeding Project Centre   - Kuala Gula Bird Santuary  

Belum Forest

One of the oldest rainforest in the world (120 million years old) with an area of more than 113,000 hectares it is located north and northwest of Tasik (Lake) Temenggor

Temenggor Lake / Dam - Banding Island

Places of Interest

Teluk Intan's Leaning Tower - Kellie’s Castle

 - Lata Kinjang - Sunkai Deer Farm - 

The Lata Iskandar Waterfalls

Sitiawan & Lumut

Teluk Batik





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