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Named after Malaysia’s first Prime Minister, the late Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, this landmark complex stretches over 11,320 acres. More than 70% of Putrajaya is devoted to greenery and water bodies with 13 different gardens. The principle landscape is the 6oo-hectre man made lake. The Putrajaya Wetland. Native wetland plants from over 50 local species were propagated in the 7-hectre Putrajaya Wetland Nursery prior to planting in the wetland cells.


Perdana Putra

The Prime Minister’s Office Complex. 

A massive building topped with a blue dome, symbolises the Federal Government Administration’s active centre. The architecture is a mixture of European influences overlaid by Malay and Islamic elements.

Putra Mosque.

Situated next to a lake, it incorporates Islamic architecture from countries such as Turkestan, Kazakzstan and Morocco. The mosque consists of a 116m tall minaret and can accommodate 15,000 people. 116 metres tall, one of the striking features of the minaret is that it was designed after the Sheikh Oman Mosque in Baghdad. Its five-tiers representing the five pillars of Islam and its five call to prayers. Within its premises is the VIP Room Gallery, the Al-Quran Manuscript Museum, a library, auditorium and exhibition hall as well as a seminar room. It also has a large courtyard called the “Sahn” dedicated to commemorate the life of the Prophet. The main entrance to the mosque is patterned after the gates of Persia. Twelve columns support the 36 metre diameter main dome.


Putra Bridge

This two-tier bridge. is based on the Islamic design of the Khaju Bridge at Isfahan, in Iran. 280 metre in length, its upper tier is used for normal traffic flow while its lower tier is designed as a service tunnel, for light train transit system and a pedestrian walkway.


Putra Square

The Square will become the focus of national celebrations and important events. Formed with a combination of eleven, thirteen and fourteen star shapes that represent the development of Malaysia – from its independence to the formation of Malaysia in 1963 and the inclusion of the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur. The perfect circle formed by the combination of patterns depicts synergy in its portrayal of unity in Malaysia.


Seri Perdana

This is to be the permanent, official residence of  present and future Prime Ministers of Malaysia. It is part of the Federal Government Administrative Centre of Putrajaya.

Specially designed with Malay and Islamic architecture of the Mogul era, the building has 3 main areas for reception, entertainment and residence.


Seri Perdana Bridge

Being part of the protocol route, this 370-metre long bridge is built across the Putrajaya Lake. Portraying an atmosphere of Islamic Middle East, it has 8 rest areas along the bridge where visitors are able  to enjoy the scenery of the surrounding lake that includes the Prime Minister’s office and the Putra Mosque.

Nature Interpretation Centre

A centre for research and compilation of data on water and plant studies. This hexagon shaped building incorporates the traditional design of Malaysia’s rich heritage. Situated near a dam, it has a pedestrian walkway and a rainproof area that serves as an optimum breeding ground for greenery as well two blocks that serve as an exhibition  and administrative centre respectively.


Putrajaya is poised to be a fully integrated and self contained city. Adapting  the latest in telecommunication, transportation and infrastructure technologies, Putrajaya is to provide  for a level of  efficiency in Government machinery  that would be geared towards excellence in the new millennium and towards 'Vision 2020’.


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