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Kedah ~ Sights & Visits

Intro & Background Sights & Visits Langkawi Kedah Map


 Kedah is one of the best destinations for those seeking retreat from urban living as its pristine environment is still intact despite the development taking place in the state.



Having all the ingredients that make it an ideal haven for an adventure holiday,

varied landscape, superb natural settings, year round sunshine, Kedah is the ultimate destination for the eco-tourists.



Sights & Visits

Alor Setar, the capital of the state of Kedah has historical and cultural

attractions. Many of them are a walk away from one another and sited at Jalan Raja, West of Sungai Kedah, which runs through the town.

Things to see in the capital include the central market, Pekan Rabu,

where one can shop for a variety of local wares and handicrafts, historical

buildings, museums and other places of interests.

For those inclined for the greenery, there are recreational forests and

waterfalls of cool, crystal clear water. Activities available there include jungle trekking, nature walks camping and other eco based activities.

More than a land of mere scenery, however, is its history.

From the remains of an early Malay fort at Kota Kuala Kedah to the site of Malaysia's most extensive ruins in the Bujang Valley with its sprawling remains

of a Hindu kingdom believed to date back to the 6th century A.D.

Other attractions include its enchanting beach of Pantai Merdeka, the quiet tranquility of Pedu lake, the highland retreat of Gunung Jerai, the untouched nature reserve at Ulu Muda and the thrills of white water in Sungei Sedim.


Off Kedah's western shores are clusters of sun-drenched islands that comprise

the legendary archipelago of Langkawi, easily the most popular resort

location in the country.

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Kedah Sights & Visits

Alor Setar

Menara Alor Setar The Zahir Mosque Balai Nobat

Balai Besar The Big Clock Tower The Royal Museum

Birth House of Dr. Mahathir Mohamad

Nikradharam Buddhist Temple Pekan Rabu Bazaar

Historical Sites

Lembah Bujang (Bujang Valley)

Kota Kuah Kedah

Forests & Waterfalls I

Gunung Jerai Bukit Hijau

• Lata Assam Jawa (Lata Bay u)

Forests & Waterfalls II

Bukit Wang Perangin Sik • Puncak Janing

• Batu Hampar Seri Perigi Recreational Park

Lakes & Beach

Pantai Merdeka Pedu Lake Ulu Muda Lake


• Gunung Keriang Ulu Legong Hot Springs

Sungai Sedim Kedah River • Bukit Pinang


Sights & Visits Langkawi


Sights & Visit Rating

This rating provides a guide as to what would be a worthwhile visit and what

could be given a miss.


Visit Rating

Don't go out of your way to visit

It's OK - Visit if you got the time

Good & Definitely worth a visit

Very Good & Not to be missed


 This is however is a general opinion and what may be

rated here as a 2 star may be considered a 3 or even a four star to some

and vise versa some may conclude our rating of a 4 star to be that of a 3

or even deserving a 2 star rating.

Ultimately different people have a right to different opinions and conclusions.

Where a local might find it interesting a foreigner would not and what a

foreigner might might interesting a local visitor would not.




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